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“A study shows that when buying a house, the decision often starts in the kitchen” this according to Consumer-Model Behavior, an article published in the January 2005 edition of K+BB magazine. (Kitchen and Bath Business) Two retail research companies studied shoppers’ interactions and opinions within the kitchens of model homes. This study revealed that the kitchen is the most important room considered when buying a living space. Therefore “in order for model homes to stand out from the competition, the kitchen becomes the make or break sale feature.”

In McCausland Co., we know the importance of spectacular kitchens in the real estate business. Over the past 19 years, McCausland Co. has demonstrated success in executing complex project for construction companies. Our clients depend on us to improve their competitive advantage by providing world-class kitchens and baths to their real state projects.

McCausland Co. designs and installs projects in apartment buildings, single homes, condo conversion and townhouses. McCausland Co. provides a strong infrastructure to support large-scale projects, and also provides the same high-quality as in our custom kitchens. We excel at balancing time, cost, objective, and functionality of the project.
We provide turnkey operations. We take care of your project “from concept to completion;” From planning, design, import, choosing finishes (flooring, countertops, lighting, etc.) to final installation.

Perhaps you have a strong relationship with a contractor already. McCausland Co. Consulting can give you valuable guidance to make the right decision. We can import the product and provide all drawings and specifications to your contractors.


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