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McCausland Co. provides custom kitchen design in Chicago, you will enjoy a kitchen specially made and thought for you. The perfect kitchen is efficient, comfortable and a joy to work in. Users find it intuitive and easy to maneuver. Smart design minimizes uncomfortable positions and enhances ease of access. The kitchen’s layout is well organized with everything necessary at hand. Space is used in an intelligent and effective way. Food is easy to reach and prepare. Cabinets are positioned at user-friendly heights. It is the perfect harmony between space, light, objects and the most important element of all…the end user. McCausland Co. incorporates ergonomic, anthropometric, and biomechanical principles in every design with the goal of creating this specialized kitchen.

Ergonomics: The kitchen must fit the user, rather than expecting the user's body to fit the kitchen. By applying the most efficient arrangement between areas in the space (appliances, tops, cabinets, sinks, etc.) the user finds it easy and simple to use. Never a back pain or physical discomfort. No sharp corners. Utensils are at hand. Imagine minimum effort and maximum comfort.

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